Author: Jayson Marie

Truck T-Bones Car – Leaves Blindness, Head Trauma, Misery and a $2.9 Million Dollar Verdict Behind

Two big-rigs and a passenger vehicle traveling southbound on I-75/85 in a drizzling rain became the recipe for a nightmare in Fulton County. Before it was over, innocent lives were changed forever. #readmore #MillarMixon


Personal Injury Law Firm Dallas, Texas #FLO

Auto accidents can cause expensive injuries, especially if the crash is a high speed or head-on collision or if it involves large vehicles like buses or trucks. In many cases, those coping with serious injuries from car accidents are also unable to work as a result of their injuries. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you have rights and deserve compensation. Call the Feizy Law Office today. We offer free consultations and you pay nothing unless we win money for you, guaranteed. Call now at 214-651-8686 for a free consultation.

Drug-Dog Trainer Gets Seven Figure Settlement after Debilitating Crash

A young man who worked training drug-sniffing dogs was operating a van on Fairburn Road in Douglas County and approaching an intersection. A commercial tractor-trailer was traveling in the opposite direction. The tractor-trailer driver had a stop sign in his direction of travel. The van did not have a stop sign. The driver of the commercial truck made a left turn in front of plaintiff’s oncoming van, and the two vehicles collided. #readmore #milliondollarsettlements

Drunk Driving Accidents :: Dallas Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Feizy Law Office

Around the holidays, accidents involving drunk drivers spikes higher than any other time of the year that’s why it is important to be mindful of aggressive drivers during the winter months. If you are ever injured by a drunk driver, we are the #1 law firm for handling DUI cases in the state of Texas. Call us now at 214-651-8686 for a free consultation.