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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers | Millar & Mixon, Attorneys

At Millar & Mixon, we offer free consultations and we will come to you! Call us now at 404-620-4301 for immediate help with your injury case. #MillarMixon #YourAtlantaAdvocate #InjuryCase #Personal #Injury #Lawyers #Atlanta


Atlanta Construction Accident Lawyer | Millar & Mixon

Hurt by faulty construction? Millar & Mixon, LLC can help you get the answers you are looking for. Call us today at 404-620-4301 to schedule a free case review. Our phones are answered 24/7 to accept your inquiry. We work with clients throughout Atlanta and all of Georgia. We can immediately investigate your case and help you to recover funds to cover your medical bills, lost wages and other losses. Call now at 404-620-4301 for a free consultation.

Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney | Millar & Mixon

Q – “If someone is killed while on-the-job, can we pursue a wrongful death action?”

A – “You can bring a wrongful death action in limited circumstances in which a third party causes the wrongful death. For example, if someone was driving a truck as part of his or her job and was struck and killed by a drunk driver on the highway, the deceased employee’s family and/or estate could bring a wrongful death action against the drunk driver. If a family member is killed while on-the-job, consult a Georgia or Atlanta, GA wrongful death lawyer to discuss the specific circumstances of the wrongful death.”